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My future in my hands


A positive attitude towards one’s clinical condition – regardless of its severity – is the best way to embrace life. Conversely, stopping dreaming and planning the future means taking a dark path. This is the heart of the thought of Nicola: we met him on the banks of the river Rhine in the center of Cologne, Germany.
With a diagnosis of beta thalassaemia, a blood disorder that can have a significant emotional and psychological impact, his choice has always been clear: look ahead. Even if determination may not be enough to overcome all the difficulties, everyone has the right to continue to dream. And no one can – or has the right to – take it away from anyone.

We flew to Germany for Nicola’s portrait and have seen how proudly and lovingly he held the book he wrote in his hands, on his heart. From his attitude, we could see how proud he is of himself for having been able to overcome the difficulties he faced in his life.

Settimio Benedusi, the photographer
Settimio Benedusi


Gianluca Dotti